Toll Roads

Podcast: Download (18.1MB) What are your thoughts on toll roads? These pay-for-use routes are not appreciated by all, but for those with the means and willingness to pay, Read More

Other Fandoms

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) How do other communities differ from the furry fandom? In this week’s episode, a brony and a former furry are brought onto the show to discuss similarities and Read More


Podcast: Download (27.6MB) Paper or data? The book industry is seeing a shift to a new format but the publishers don’t seem too willing to go along. How Read More

The Hugbox

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) Have you encountered the hugbox? It’s an easy trap for anyone, including furs, to fall into. After all, everyone likes to be validated. Join us as Read More

Giving Feedback

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) What feedback do artists value most? If you’ve ever seen a submission you really liked (or didn’t like), there may be times you want to Read More


Podcast: Download (27.6MB) How organized are you? We here at WagzTail struggle with this sometimes, but that doesn’t prevent us from talking about it! Join us as we Read More

Road Rage

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) Will you learn how to drive? Sometimes, the people we meet on the road don’t quite live up to our expectations on how another should Read More