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Childhood Memories

Podcast: Download (27.5MB) What is your earliest memory? The WagzTail crew delves back into their childhood memories, worst and best, on today’s episode. Share your memories in the Read More

FA Alternatives

Podcast: Download (27.5MB) Where’s your art? There are now several alternatives for both artists and art-lovers in the fandom to share in furry creations. In today’s episode, we Read More

Choosing Friends

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) Do you have good friends? They can make an astounding impact on our life and make a bad situation bearable, or make a good day Read More

3D Printing

Podcast: Download (17.8MB) What if you could print anything, from toy building blocks to spare parts for your car to weapons? We’re quickly becoming a world where we Read More

Good Friday Episode

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) Tomorrow is Good Friday. This is the day Christians remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and anticipate the celebration of His resurrection on Read More

Too Perky

Podcast: Download (27.6MB) Is “cheering up” someone a good idea? One of the proverbs compares excessive cheerfulness around a somber person to stealing someone’s coat or mixing vinegar Read More