Faith in a Faithless Society I

Join us this week as we discuss the after effects of the internet SOPA blackout (less than 5 minutes for those of you tired of hearing about such things) and how to remain faithful in a faithless society. Levi was on vacation this week, so, we introduced three new furs to the WagzTail family: Carson Coyote, Jifftastic and Brick. Come and join the only podcast where cats and dogs don’t fight!


[spoiler title=”Metadata and Credits” open=”0″ style=”1″] WagzTail Podcast 2.0 Episode 6
Runtime: 30m
Cast: Wolfin, Kail, Jifftastic, Brick, Carson Coyote, Levi
Format: 128kbps ABR split-stereo MP3
Copyright: © 2012 Some Rights Reserved. This podcast is licensed to CC AT-ND 3.0. If distributed with a facility that has an existing agreement in place with a Professional Rights Organisation (PRO), file a cue sheet for 30:00 to Fabien Renoult (BMI) 1.67%, Josquin des Pres (BMI) 1.67%, 96.67%. Rights have been acquired to all content for national and international broadcast and web release with no royalties due. Special thanks to c97059890 for additional sound effects and to Billy Alexander for the Podcast thumbnail for this episode.

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