Furry Chat

What is furry without internet relay chat? Well, quite a bit to be honest, but this method of online communication has been around for a long time and is still decently popular today. We here at Wagz have our own network, and we bring on a few of our network leaders to talk about chat in general and FurryChat in particular.

Self-referential? Maybe.

Next week we talk about toony and realistic art.

[spoiler title=”Metadata and Credits” open=”0″ style=”1″] WagzTail Season 3 Episode 3

Runtime: 30m

Cast: Levi, Snaky, StarlightWolf, Wolfin

Editor: Levi

Format: 128kbps ABR split-stereo MP3 Copyright: © 2014 WagzTail.com. Some Rights Reserved. This podcast is released by WagzTail.com as CC BY-ND 3.0. If distributed with a facility that has an existing agreement in place with a Professional Rights Organisation (PRO), file a cue sheet for 30:00 to Fabien Renoult (BMI) 1.67%, Josquin des Pres (BMI) 1.67%, WagzTail.com 96.67%. Rights have been acquired to all content for national and international broadcast and web release with no royalties due.

Screenshot taken by LeviWolstrom.[/spoiler]


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