What Defines a Furry?

What makes a character a furry? Wolfin is away this week, so Star leads discussion. Is “furry” limited to what the fandom produces, or can you find “furry” far outside the fandom, even produced by people who have no knowledge of the subculture?

[spoiler title=”Metadata and Credits” open=”0″ style=”1″] WagzTail Season 3 Episode 11

Runtime: 30m

Cast: Levi, snaky, StarlightWolf

Editor: Levi

Format: 128kbps ABR split-stereo MP3 Copyright: © 2014 WagzTail.com. Some Rights Reserved. This podcast is released by WagzTail.com as CC BY-ND 3.0. If distributed with a facility that has an existing agreement in place with a Professional Rights Organisation (PRO), file a cue sheet for 30:00 to Fabien Renoult (BMI) 1.67%, Josquin des Pres (BMI) 1.67%, WagzTail.com 96.67%. Rights have been acquired to all content for national and international broadcast and web release with no royalties due.

Podcast image belongs to Levi Wolstrom, used with permission.[/spoiler]


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